A New Beginning

As of October 1, 2018 I have decided to change this site from what it originally was created for to a site where I just share my stories, weight loss journey, and all my adventures all the way. I am a rape survivor…but I am so much more than that. My initial story can be found under “what’s in a name?” It is true I have been raped twice. Once when I was thin, and again just a few years ago. I was also attacked when I was teenager and molested as a child. I used to be a victims advocate, I ran my own nonprofit. However, that part of my life is over, and I need to stop looking back.

You may laugh at my tears, I won’t mind. It will make me happy knowing I have made others smile. You can call me names, it won’t bother me. If you need to take your frustrations out on someone I would rather it be me than than your loved ones. I am just a girl, telling her story. Read it or don’t read it I honestly don’t care. But I have to do this for me…

Today begins my future….

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